Yeast Free Diet and Alcohol – Crystal Light in a Wine Glass

Someone sent me a letter asking some questions about yeast free diet and alcohol. He wonders if there is any beer or liquor that is safe to drink with a candida problem. He read on the holistic site that someone posted earlier that Coors beer is one of a very few that doesn’t have the bad additives, and he needs further information on this. He said that he doesn’t need to drink it, but a beer or something among friends would be nice.

He read on the side of the Jack Daniels bottle last night that “yeast” is right there on the ingredients, so he had no idea. And on another note, he hasn’t had the nerve to ask his doctor, but he wonders if a male could get candida from oral sex (if unaware of a yeast infection the wife may have had).

As for the alcohol, I can only suggest you to try drinking water with lemon in a wine glass. That way you will appear to have a real drink. I hope your friends understand what you are going through and are very supportive as most good friends would be. Crystal Light in a wine glass is good too, looks like wine and a lot better.

As far as your other question. I think it is helpful if two partners go through candida treatment at the same time. Plus, it s a joint effort in helping each other stay and be healthy. Candida is known to be contagious. If you can pass it back and forth through sexual intercourse, there must also be a risk of passing it back and forth through oral sex. Better safe than sorry! Condoms have also been suggested as a means of not passing it back and forth through sexual intercourse. Another note on this subject: flavored lubricants may irritate the vagina because they are basically pure sugar. Nothing like spoon feeding the yeast!