Useful Tips to Import Ornamental Fish for Personal or Business Use

Different varieties of ornamental fish are found in the aquariums used as items of decoration at homes, offices and commercial places. Apart from adding aesthetic appeal to a place, these fishes are considered as lucky charm by many. However, the ornamental varieties of fishes are not found everywhere. They are imported from the countries like Hong Kong, Thailand and India.

The northeastern states of India and the Western Ghats in the peninsular India are the great sources of assortment of fishes that are kept in aquariums. The countries like the USA and UK have huge numbers of buyers who purchase ornamental fish for further sale or for personal use. Here are some tips that should be kept in mind while purchasing them.

Popular Varieties

There are two popular ornamental fish varieties that are imported in huge numbers. The first category is that of egg-laying fishes that include goldfish, black window tetra, zebra danio and many more. The second category is that of livebearers that include molly, sword tail and guppies among many others. In addition, there are other popular species like angelfish, loaches, bichir, redfish, catfish and others. Have a look at the pictures of these fishes to choose accordingly.

Survey about Them

If you are planning to sell them further, a good idea would be to survey about ornamental fish in your region. This will help you choose imported fishes in the most desired colors, patterns, wings and overall appearance.

Be Knowledgeable

No matter whether you wish to purchase ornamental fish for your home or business, it is important to have good knowledge about a number of aspects associated with these fishes. To begin with, you must understand the biological aspects of different species. Secondly, it is extremely important to have precise information about their feeding habits. Habitats, breeding and required water temperature are among other things you must be able to inform the customers visiting your store.

Health Care and Maintenance

You must also learn in detail about the healthcare practices that need to be employed to keep ornamental fish healthy. Some of these fishes don’t require much maintenance, while others do and you must know about the same. Make sure that you purchase fishes that have been tested disease-free by the specialists.

Required Supply and Equipments

Maintaining the stock of ornamental fish is not enough. There are many other things you need to arrange for. For instance, you must have the right supply of fish feeding food that include oil cakes, wheat bran, mosquito larvae, blood worms and others. Right types of aquarium tanks, variety of nets, aeration equipments and water cleaning equipments are among other things that you must keep ready. Selling them at your store will definitely attract more number of customers.

Finally, you must devote time in finding the best ornamental fish exporter to obtain the top quality fishes. Fortunately, the online catalogs maintained by the suppliers and exporters at business directories can help you in a big way. Apart from finding a huge variety of fishes, you can also save your time and money with these directories.