Tunguska Blast – Pure Herbal Russian Adaptogens For Mental Alertness, Energy and Healthy Sleep

Tunguska Blast is a powerful supplement that delivers a high quality, daily supply of adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogens are known to help protect the body against stress and can help restore body systems that have gotten out of balance through exposure to the environment and personal life. Tunguska Blast can help promote mental alertness, increase energy and promote healthy sleep for a more productive life.

Tunguska Blast contains a scientifically balanced blend of 10 of the only 30 known adaptogenic botanicals known to restore homeostasis and rid the body of imbalance caused by stress. Coming from the Tunguska River Valley, the adaptogenic herbs used to make Tunguska nutritional concentrate, have been grown in a unique environment. The plants in the Tunguska River Valley have been shown to have accelerated growth and increased nutritional value over adaptogens gathered from different sources.

The Tunguska River Valley adaptogens contained in Tunguska blast are thought to be more potent because of the valley’s wealth of soil deposits which may have higher concentrations of nutrients, richer than the highly potent volcanic soil. Adaptogens have been shown to promote wellness, reduce damage from stress, reduce anxiety, decrease fatigue and restore health.

· Wellness is promoted by slowing systematic negative hormone production as well as increasing positive levels of beneficial neurotransmitters and other chemicals necessary for overall health.

· Stress is reduced by protecting the body against damage from both environmental and internal processes including oxidation which is a contributor to diseases of aging such as heart disease and arthritis along with mental distress.

· Anxiety is decreased by normalization of endocrine functioning which may help to relieve digestive disorders along with cardiac disorders such as hypertension and high blood pressure.

· Fatigue is relieved by decreasing anxiety which contributes to insomnia as well as by the promotion of rapid healing after strenuous activity and increasing mental alertness.

· Health can be restored by the promotion of allostasis and homeostasis to resolve imbalances within body systems that have developed through exposure to interpersonal problems, the environment and self.

Tunguska Blast is so concentrated that only 2 tablespoons are taken daily to supply a healthy level of adaptogenic herbs and antioxidants. This proprietary blend of adaptogens is supplied in a great tasting, highly nutritional blend of juice concentrates including apple, cherry and red raspberry with only natural fructose as a sweetener. Tunguska Blast contains a highly concentrated supply of 10 adaptogens including:

· Siberian Ginseng
· Chinese Magnolia
· Manchurian Thorn Tree
· Hawthorne Berry
· Sargent’s Cranberry
· Licorice Root
· Maral Root
· Golden Root
· Mountain Ash
· Chaga Root

Cyberwize, the manufacturer of high-quality nutritional supplements such as Tunguska Blast has been promoting health through better nutrition for over 10 years. The company is well known for offering a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the health benefits you will receive from Tunguska Blast or any of its excellent line of concentrated nutritional products. Life is hard, particularly now and stress is everywhere – restore health, promote wellness, in short – protect yourself with Tunguska Blast.

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