Truth of Harmful Anti Aging Creams – Does Your Anti Aging Cream Contain Any of These Chemicals?

What are those toxic ingredients found in harmful anti aging creams?

1. Hydroquinone: A skin bleaching agent. Found in many night creams.

2. Lead and mercury: Having skin whitening effect, also added to lipstick, nail polishing, etc., for colors to stay longer on your lips. While it does make you look fairer, but in a long run it will cause skin pigmentation and lead, mercury poisoning,

3. Methanol: Often as fragrance additive for the skincare products, possesses toxicity.

4. Chromium and neodymium: Chromium can cause allergic or eczema which are not easy to cure. Neodymium is irritating to eyes and skin. Inhalation from harmful anti aging cream can lead to pulmonary and liver damage.

5. Soap base ingredients: play role in oil elimination, often added to cleanser. However, it will damage your skin’s natural protective layer which is slightly acidic. In a long run, it can accelerate the aging of your skin.

6. Alcohol: Can minimize pores, acts as anti-inflammatory and sterilizing agent. However, it can dry out your skin and cause wrinkles. In short, alcohol can speed up your skin aging.

7. Mineral oil (paraffin oil), petroleum jelly, lanolin, etc.: Cover fine wrinkles, lock in moisture. However, it will clog your pores; causes dull looking skin, large pores and acne. Since they can easily absorb UV light, it will cause spots on your skin. Research found that mineral oil in harmful anti aging cream can cause cancer.

8. Artificial sweeteners: Derived from coal tar, as a flavoring agent in cosmetic products, can lead to cancer.

9. Coloring, preservatives and spices: Mostly are synthetic products. These substances are very harmful, once entered the body, its harmfulness are greatly amplified. The major preservative found in cosmetics is formaldehyde, once released can causes air pollution and cancer.

10. Hormones: Hormones in cosmetics and skincare products can temporarily reduce wrinkles. It can firm and relief your skin, making your skin younger. However, hormones can oxidize easily. Those are who using hormone containing products will have darker skin and stubborn skin spots. This is because the hormone containing cosmetics and harmful anti aging cream will be oxidized when expose under the sun and deposited in the epidermis. People often mistakenly see these pigmentations as “chloasma.” The often usage of hormones containing cosmetics or skincare products can cause long-term skin irritation, resulting a weak immunity of your skin, and finally forms a sensitive and allergic skin.

I used to spend a lot on anti aging skincare products. However, the results were quite disappointing. Some of them seems unsuitable to my skin type, while others are just do not work at all…