Treating Nausea and Vomiting Naturally When the Cause is Motion Sickness

Treating nausea and vomiting naturally, with homeopathy is easy when you learn a few basic laws on how it works.

Nausea and vomiting are a natural purging of your body to throw out what it doesn’t want. If it remained, it would cause more harm. So unpleasant though nausea and vomiting can be, it is best to allow your body the time and space to do what it has to do for your own good.

Acute nausea and vomiting can come about from many causes including food poisoning, too much rich food, too much alcohol or motion sickness.

When prescribing the most appropriate homeopathic medicine, the cause doesn’t matter as much as your personal symptoms.

Motion sickness can be very unpleasant and can last the whole trip. Some people suffer from motion sickness when sitting in the back seat of a car, but not in the front seat. Others are fine in cars, but can’t handle boat trips or flying.

Some people who were fine as children, develop motion sickness as adults. Or vice versa. I was one of the former. I was totally immune to any violent motion of any vehicle, as a child. As an adult, now I can’t cope with any boat or plane ride which is not super smooth.

There are several great homeopathic medicines which will put an end to the motion sickness quickly. Or an end to the nausea and vomiting from any other cause, as long as the symptoms agree.

The homeopathic medicine Sepia is a good all round nausea and vomiting medicine be it from motion sickness, pregnancy, gastroenteritis, chemotherapy or any other irritant.

The strong keynote symptoms of Sepia include a worsening in the morning and from odours especially the smell (or thought) of food. The vomit typically has a whitish, milky appearance. Improvement can be gained by moving about and, oddly enough, by eating especially sour or sharp food such as pickles or lemons.