The BEST Energy Supplements for Chronic Fatigue – Revealed

Elite athletes suffer from it, couch potatoes get it, office workers and people who work outdoors suffer from it. Chronic fatigue still remains a mystery disease that affects a large percentage of the population. The good news is that natural energy supplements, along with changes to diet, can make a difference to your health.

Before we explain how essential nutrients are perfect as energy supplements for chronic fatigue, it’s important to talk a little about the cause of the problem.

Chronic fatigue is actually a complex of symptoms with multiple causal factors – most patients suffering chronic fatigue usually have two or more factors associated with their ‘disease’.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a complicated disorder characterized by a lack of energy that doesn’t improve with rest and may even worsen during any physical or mental activity.

Not a great deal is known about the disease, however it can occur after an infection such as a cold, glandular fever (mononucleosis or Epstein Barr virus), intestinal illness or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Diet and Lifestyle

Here are some lifestyle changes you can adopt to help deal with fatigue and tiredness:

o eliminate caffeine, alcohol, fried foods and margarine and foods containing processed sugar.

o have an allergy test – as food allergies can sometimes be responsible for fatigue (as well as a lack of nutrients in the diet).

o have a liver flush to detoxify your system.

o Reflexology, chiropractic manipulation and massage can also help. An Applied Kinesiologist friend in Singapore successfully treats people suffering chronic fatigue.

Natural Energy Supplements: Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Fatty Acids
In order to function properly, the body needs optimal amounts of the all of the essential nutrients – 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 2 to 3 essential fatty acids. If we lack any of them in our diet then we can develop health problems and diseases.

Plant derived liquid minerals along with a good source of very high quality multi-vitamins and essential fatty acids are ideal. They help by giving your system a real boost by improving cellular function, improving nutrition to the cells and making the supply of energy more efficient.

A Chromium supplement can assist with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels as low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia is frequently associated with the condition and can also make you feel tired.

Sports Energy Supplements

A recent development in health and nutrition has been the advent of ‘functional drinks’ – particularly those developed for sport. I’m not talking about ‘Red Bull’ or some other sugar-and-caffeine-infested-carbonated drink, I’m talking about health drinks containing a range of nutrients.

The best ones to look for will be drinks developed for sport. Look for those containing a blend of vitamins and minerals, they should be low in sugar and carbohydrates and high in protein (so that rules out most of the real popular drinks like Gatorade) and ideally may contain a small amount of natural green tea that is an ideal and very healthy ‘pick me up’.