Just ask yourself one simple question are you drinking to much Alcohol? If you are how can you stop it and improve your lifestyle and your health. Here are a few questions which might help you decide:

– When you drink alcohol do you drink when you are depressed, sad, or alone?

– Are your family and friends very worried about you because you’re drinking to much?

– Does alcohol make you forget things?

– Are you always late for things because you have been drinking the night before?

– Are you always falling out with friends and family because of your drinking problem?

– Does your health suffer from your drinking problems?

If you have read the above questions and answered yes to any them, than you a have serious drinking problem, or it’s the beginning of one. If you find that your health is suffering from alcohol then you need to stop drinking right now, as this could and will lead to an early death bed. Also seek advice from your doctor.

If you are reading this article then you either want to stop drinking now, or you want to cut down on your drinking habit

Here are three questions you should be doing to help you stop drinking now:

1 – You should write all the wrong and write reasons why you want to stop or cut down on your drinking habit.

ie: Is it for your health? Will it improve your lifestyle? Will it make you sleep better? Will it improve your family life. I am sure your list will be a lot longer

2 – Goal Setting.

First let me tell you without setting any goals you’ll never stop or cut down on your drinking habit, it’s that simple. First you need write down small goals, like cutting down on your drinking habits, just maybe you can cut out drinking one night a week. The thing here is you need to start and get into good habits and get rid of the bad ones.

OK now you need to write your goals down and have then in front of you as much as you can. Put them on every door in the house if you have to, or even have them on your refrigerator so you will read them before you open it.

Your paper should look something like this:

– Goal – 1: I will cut down on my drinking problem starting from (Date)

– Goal – 2: I will also not drink on (day of the week)

– Goal – 3: Week 2 I will not drink on two days of the week

– Goal – 4: I will always drive when we go out, so I can’t drink

You must fill these in at all costs.

3 – Always keep a Day to Day Diary.

I know this sounds very easy but you must do this every day and not miss any out. Make sure you set your goals for your first 4 weeks, and then have a look at then after 4 weeks have gone by and see the difference, trust me you’ll be very surprised by the results, I have done this myself when I was an alcoholic, and it works. It’s not easy but it’s very rewarding.

You could even make up your own drinking diary:


Day of Week———#of drinks——–type of drinks——–place consumed








Anyone can stop drinking alcohol with the right help, it’s a simple process, but like I said you now need to get into the good habits and get rid of the bad ones. Here are a few tips which will help you along your journey.

Stay At Home:

Try to keep a very small amount of alcohol at home.

You must learn to say NO to Alcohol:

Learn to become a designated driver if you go out anywhere, also you don’t have to drink to have a great time, you’ll find people who a funny don’t drink at all. Try and stay away from the people who give you a hard time, remember it’s your life and not there’s that there poisoning.

Always stay active:

This is a great way to stay away from alcohol, go and join a gym, walking club, or even take up golf. They all keep you very health and there all fun, plus it’s a great way to meet new people.

Try taking a break from alcohol:

This a great way to completely stop drinking alcohol altogether, just try and stop drinking one day a week and on that day try and find a different drink to drink, I found when I started doing this I started to feel healthier and this means spending more time with the people I love.

Beware of the demons:

You will at some stage come across the demons, which are people trying to get you to drink, yes it hard to say NO, but just remember why you are doing this, because it’s not for them, it’s for you and your family and they come first in your life.

Never ever give up:

Bad habits are hard to break and it’s not easy to change things all at once, so don’t give up at your first hurdle. “Why do we fall, so when we get up we know next time not to make the same mistake”. It’s not a race it’s about the end result SO DON’T GIVE UP.

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