Sigg Promotional Sports Bottles Can Boost Your Image

Looking for a promotional item to reinforce your company’s image as upscale, health-conscious and hip? Take a look at the line of sports bottles available at many online sellers of promotional products.

In today’s image conscious environment, it’s important to choose promotional items carefully to coordinate with the brand image that you’re trying to build. Promotional water bottles do not have to be just any sport bottle. They’re not necessarily the cheap plastic bottle that ends up on the bargain aisle at your local discount warehouse. Aluminium styled sports bottles are highly respected, highly popular and of high quality. There are many promotional sports bottles that include sleek, upscale styles in sizes from .5 litres to 1.5 litres and a wide range of colors.

Aluminium bottles are representative of today’s fit, health conscious mind-set. Some styles are designed to fit a bicycle bottle clips for maximum portability. Others have caps with a loop for attaching to your rucksack straps or clipping to a belt. The interiors are all coated to prevent contamination from fruit acids and minerals in popular sport drinks. When you choose an aluminium bottle to put your logo on, you’re saying something about your company.

What sort of events or promotions or businesses are appropriate for aluminium promotional sports bottles? As versatile as they are, there are many different ways to use them in promotions. Here are just a few of the businesses that might incorporate Sigg promotional bottles in their promotions.

Health and fitness clubs and gymnasiums

Promotional sports bottles make excellent incentive giveaways for membership drives and annual renewal drives. Make them one of an assortment of promotional gifts available for maximum versatility.

Bicycle and Sporting Goods Shops

Aluminium sports bottles are the ideal vehicle to carry your logo. Have aluminum bike bottles engraved with your store logo or name, and include one with every bicycle sale to brand your bikes and increase your store visibility.

Banks and financial institutions

Why give away toasters and canvas tote bags when you can hand out a classy bottle imprinted with your bank’s name and logo with a new account open? They’ll turn up at all the best clubs and gyms in town, publicizing your bank and bringing you more custom.

Aluminium promotional sports bottles are ideal giveaways for participants at events like charity golf tournaments, or to your employees at a motivational weekend. If you’re looking for a promotional gift that will impress your customers and clients, check out the range of water bottles at one of the many companies that sell promotional items online.

More information about promotional items and promotional gifts can be found online by searching for the leading online suppliers of promotional products. You can tap into their wealth of experience to ensure that you have the perfect promotional gift or business gift to promote your business.