Sexual Health: 3 Foods That Can Cause Impotence

If you’re worried about becoming impotent as you age, we’re about to put your fears to rest. Growing older doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your sex life!

Impotence, or loss of sex drive, commonly occurs in both men and women as they get older. But it’s a myth that impotence is an inevitable part of aging. The reality is that the foods we eat affect the body as a whole – including sexual health. The average American diet is rich in artery-clogging foods that not only deplete sexual function, but promote such health reproductive problems as prostate and ovarian cancer.

The modern, processed diet as a whole presents a threat to health and vitality, but there are 3 main culprits that threaten sexual vitality and can cause impotence:

1. Meat

For healthy, vital energy flow during sex, each partner should eat according to his or her natural body type. The energetic qualities of food are just as important as nutrition in maintaining a healthy balance between male and female energies.

A diet high in saturated fat not only makes your body less flexible, it can also block energy flow to the reproductive organs. Excess chicken and beef in the modern diet creates overly contracted, harder, denser bodies. The flow of energy through these tight bodies can easily become blocked, causing impotence or frigidity. Women, who have naturally soft bodies, become less sensitive to sex, while normally muscular men become even harder and experience premature ejaculation.

2. Dairy Products

Dairy products, which have the proper nutrition for a growing calf, are not really appropriate for human consumption. Besides containing high levels of saturated fat, these foods upset the natural balance of the body. Soft dairy products, such as ice cream, turn the normally hard, dense bodies of men soft, which interferes with sex drive. In addition, the artificially high estrogen levels in today’s farmed dairy products interfere with hormone balance, and can affect sexual function in both men and women.

3. Refined Sugar

Refined sugar weakens the immune system and creates an environment inside the body that’s friendly to disease. It also blocks sex drive. Men who consume too much refined sugar may have trouble maintaining an erection, and women may find it difficult to experience orgasm.

Although the idea of using pills or surgery to fix sexual dysfunction may sound appealing, the results are neither effective nor long lasting. In fact, these methods can actually weaken your kidneys and reproductive organs in the long run, depleting your sex drive even further. For greater impact, a macrobiotic diet of cooked whole grains and vegetables is a natural, vital way to regain youthful sexual energy and recover the joys of intimacy in your relationship.