Penis Health Creams Unmasked – What’s in Them and How They Work

Preventing penis problems is an important issue and should top the list of men’s priorities when it comes to their sexual health. While most men are already aware of the need to use protection during activities like sports and sex, and the vast majority have mastered the art of keeping it clean, a lesser-known aspect of penis health involves use of a penis health cream.

The right cream or lotion can pack a punch when it comes to avoiding skin abrasions, preserving sensation, and supporting the skin’s disease-fighting properties. However, there are a wide range of penis creams, oils, powders and other concoctions, and it is not always easy to tell which of these can actually do the job when it comes to combating penis problems.

One rule of thumb when it comes to shopping for a cream is to avoid those that make claims that seem too good to be true. On the other hand, there are some products that can be of real benefit. Men who want a penis health cream that can produce results should look for those that contain these ingredients:

  1. Vitamins – like the rest of the body, the cells that make up the penile tissue require the right nutrition to do their jobs properly. When it comes to the penis, ingredients like vitamin A are needed to support the growth of healthy skin and to replace damaged cells as they die off. Vitamin A can also help to prevent scarring, to eliminate unpleasant odors, and to reduce the effects of aging. In addition, vitamin C is needed to keep the blood vessels pumping and working efficiently, while vitamin D works to promote healthy all-around cellular function.
  2. Amino acids – amino acids are considered the building blocks of proteins. They are needed for numerous metabolic functions, like supplying cells with energy, and they are integral in supporting the nerve signals that transmit signals of pleasure and pain. Compounds like acetyl L carnitine and L-arginine are needed for healthy erectile function and for the pleasurable sensations that make intimacy possible.
  3. Antioxidants – Antioxidants such as vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid help to ward off free radicals, which are produced during cellular metabolism and can damage penile tissue. Antioxidants are highly effective in helping to prevent cell damage that can lead to cancer, wrinkles and age spots.
  4. Moisturizers – Penis skin that is dry and dehydrated is prone to cracking and flaking, which is not only unpleasant to look at and uncomfortable to deal with; it can allow a host of bacteria and other microorganisms to invade and flourish, leading to painful infections. Keeping the skin well-hydrated through the use of natural moisturizers can help to keep the skin smoother and more appealing; it can also help to prevent minor infections which can put the equipment out of commission for days.

Choosing the right cream

When it comes to choosing a product, not all of them are the same, and it is up to the consumer to be sure that he is getting a cream that contains the ingredients that are needed to do the job. An effective penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) should be enriched with vitamins like A, B5, C, D and E for their skin-building and protectant properties. Amino acids like L-arginine are also essential to healthy function and performance, while antioxidants like vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid can help to stave off environmental damage. Finally, a quality plant-based moisturizer can add a layer of soothing protection to the penis skin and help to keep it smooth, supple and attractive, as well as helping to prevent chafing and friction injuries.