How a Custom Marketing Plan for Plastic Surgeons Will Improve Your Brand and Increase Sales

You can transform your plastic surgery practice from revenue highs and lows to a steady stream of patients and profits when you have a custom marketing plan for plastic surgeons in place.

This approach allows you to dominate your market because you will be firing on all cylinders while your competitors continue their narrow focus.

Here is what you focus on that gets you the most reliable results:

Internet Marketing to Attract New Plastic Surgery Patients

Work with a reputable Website company that knows the plastic surgery industry. Get references and review their work. Then stay with them. The more you bounce from one Website company to another, the move leverage you lose.

Pay to Play. Being found organically on the first page of Google is getting more difficult. Decide on a monthly advertising budget and focus on only one procedure for the biggest impact.

Set up a protocol for incoming leads. The first responder usually gets the business so be sure your system and staff follow-up immediately.

Retention is the New Patient-Attraction Strategy

Patient retention should be part of a marketing plan for plastic surgeons. You miss the opportunity right under your nose to double your results when you miss this in your marketing plan… Focus on your established patients who already know, like and trust you.

Your established patients are less price sensitive because they have more to go on than price. They know you’re a reputable surgeon because they have experienced your work first hand.

They can see your results so they have peace of mind they’ll get another good result. That matters more than saving money to a majority of your patients.

It’s also far cheaper to encourage your established patients to return than it is to attract new Internet Stranger Patients to replace them since it takes a lot to get someone’s attention in today’s crowded marketplace.

And, your established patients are also more likely to give you a great review, permission to show others their before/after photos and help spread the word about you.

Encourage More Word-of-Mouth Referrals

And we all know new patients come from current patients so they must be included in your marketing plan for plastic surgeons.

Word of mouth referrals are your lifeblood. You’ll run out of time, money and energy running a “burn and churn” kind of practice, right?

The longer you’ve been in practice, the less you need to exert that kind of energy because you now have a raving fan club… or at least you could have a raving fan club who returns and refers a lot more often.

The best marketing plan for plastic surgeons includes strategies to attract new patients by being the first to respond and follow-up with new incoming leads. Also to nurture their current patients so they return and refer.

What To Do Next

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