This article is an over all personal view of the effects of Alliums which are anything garlic and onion.

I have been my own personal experiment since the age of 13 (now 44) and have had a strong understanding and interest in all health and fitness practices throughout my life. I’m here to offer my personal knowledge on the topic of Alliums with mentions of spirituality and scientific references.

After studies and observations were made, personal proof was concluded as to the effects of consuming any type of Allium, either cooked or raw being detrimental to the function of the mind and body.

The first mention of onions and garlic being detrimental to my health were during my Reiki courses and recommended by my Reiki master in Sydney Australia around 8 years ago. The reason being was that firstly during the practice of Reiki and healing sessions for any client it is advised to not have consumed Alliums because it causes disturbances to the spiritual practice, by the smell omitted from the practitioner to the client. In my understanding it’s like the known benefits of aromatherapy. Aromas trigger certain emotions in humans, so during the practice of Reiki you should not be omitting aromas that offend or repulse your client. Your client is meant to be in a relaxed and contemplative mood or state whilst being treated. So in practicality it makes sense to refrain from consuming Alliums during a spiritual session.

On that note and further to that, I researched the effects of garlic based on the Reiki purpose of avoiding it and came across more information that proved to later be very true after experiments done on my own.

It is stated that Alliums penetrate the blood brain barrier and kill off brain cells. Also they de synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The section between the two hemispheres of the brain is the section where most of the brain cells are destroyed hence causing the brain waves between the two hemispheres to desynchronize. Scientifically it sounds quite disturbing but in physical practice the results are such things as depression, anxiety, nervousness, aggressiveness, lethargy, tiredness, and over all negative reactive emotions, is how I would describe it.

The purpose of this article is to create social awareness simply for the preservation of peace amongst us. I strongly believe the consumption of Alliums causes unnecessary effects of tension in social situations and hence hindering our relationships and communication.

Of course if you read or know about garlic and onions as I have through the years you will be under the same impression as I was, that they are good for us. And of course it is proven scientifically that they lower blood pressure, they kill bacteria and viruses and even brain cancer. That is all true except for the fact that they don’t mention HOW they manage to do that. The reason why they control or lower blood pressure is because of the penetrative effects of the sulphone hydroxyl ions contained in Alliums penetrating our blood. They are killing off your brain cells and hence slowing you down, and then slowing down your heart rate which then lowers your blood pressure. The reason WHY they kill bacteria and viruses is because the sulphone hydroxyl is actually a poison! This is why it’s forbidden for dogs or cats to be fed onions or garlic, because it’s literally fatal to them being less intelligent life forms than humans. Humans are more adaptive and can tolerate alcohol, cigarettes, drugs (both medicinal and elicit) caffeine, and a whole host of other chemicals that if taken in high dosage CAN kill us instantly.

Another mention of the poisonous effects of Alliums is if you go into your local hardware shop and visit the garden section you will see some natural organic products available for pest control on plants. These contain mostly GARLIC and CHILLI. Garlic is also a natural pesticide that repels and kills insects. That is why I always laugh when I get told about or read about people who eat a lot of garlic and how they never get bitten by mosquitoes! Hey I was once one of those too! They can detect the smell of the garlic in your blood and do not bite you for that reason! Good on one hand because you never need to use an insect repellent, but it just goes to show how much garlic penetrates the blood and even how nature itself tries to avoid it!

I’d like to mention at this stage that I’m Greek and was raised on excessive amounts of garlic and onions, and they didn’t kill me, but go to Greece and find out WHY the Greeks are such aggressive people! I used to cross the road almost daily to get to the supermarket and if they see you crossing the drivers there actually speed up! You find yourself bolting across the street so that you do not get hit! I’ve also lived in Australia most of my life, Spain and the USA. The most aggressive out of all those countries are Greece and Spain in my opinion.

In fact the Greeks actually do know that Garlic isn’t that great for you. My mother being born there and now in her 80’s used to tell me that garlic heats the blood. It’s like when you’re overheating on a really warm day and suddenly you’ll be in an aggressive mood. Same thing with body heat internally created by something you have eaten. It heats the blood and gets you agro. OK, that’s just another spin or observation without referring to the toxic effects of Alliums.

I could go on to talking about Dr. Robert Beck and mention Ayurvedic medicine and yogis forbidding Alliums in aid of their spiritual practices, but I won’t because it’s all been said and done. In fact there is plenty of that stuff if you Google it.

Next and finally I will talk about my personal experience by experimentation. This is actually what I would tell ANYONE questioning, doubting or debating against the fact that Alliums are bad for you. Do the 3 day Allium free diet and notice the effects and improvement of your mind, emotions and relationships. It doesn’t take long to leave your body, in fact it is said that your body expels these toxins the same way as it expels alcohol, caffeine etc, and that is why you only need a few days to notice the difference. I did it and that’s all I needed to be completely convinced of the benefits involved when cutting them out.

My relationship with people changed and is now great, no more aggression, a lot more understanding, compassion, kindness, tolerance, no yelling, no judgements, no feeling like I’m being attacked by anyone… same time more logic in my decisions, peace in my mind, no more irrational depression or sadness or fear and over all much more clarity of thought and ideas. This is where I become completely in tune with the reason why the yogis forbid Alliums from their diet. Everything they do has to do with spirituality and being closest to their “higher self”. This is where I understand why Reiki practitioners and masters and any other spiritual practices that believe in being close to their higher selves do not eat Alliums. THEY have been practicing avoiding Alliums for thousands of years, and for good reason! Now it’s inconclusive to me so far whether they are aware of the fact that it’s a brain poison or if they are following the Ayurvedic practice, or just know that anything that heats the blood causes aggravation. It could be a combination of all of that.

Chinese herbalists are also aware that heat in the body causes bad skin conditions, problems with the lungs and heart etc. So they might all just tie in together! Either way, scientists AND spiritual practices have all come to the same conclusion about Alliums. Myself, I’ve tried it and it’s proven that way.

As you may have noticed I have dabbled in more than most when it comes to health and spirituality, and I hope my article has been helpful.

I’d like to add that I have also made observations with other people. I have some great examples of the effects of Alliums after consumption with friends and family.

A boyfriend said he would not stop eating garlic and onion. I begged for him to stop because I knew we wouldn’t get a long otherwise. For 2 days he had not eaten garlic or onion because he was staying with me and we had a wonderful time together. Third day we went to a Chinese restaurant and he binged on anything and everything garlic or onion, cause it was a buffet!! 1 hour later we decided to go and see a movie so he drove. It was pouring rain, like bucketing down and could not even see the cars in front of us. He was speeding aggressively and tail gating too! I quietly asked him to slow down but he became angry and as I kept asking him to slow down he became furious! To the point where I had to ask him to take me home before he killed both of us on that highway! I got yelled at and screamed at all the way home, and yet was I was not the one at fault. It was very clear to me that the aggression had come straight from the binge at the restaurant.

Another good one is my temporary neighbour right now. In the common area there’s a pond that we have been maintaining together to pass the time and have a laugh. It’s a pond that he’s been maintaining for the last few years but it needed a helping hand. I happen to be a pond specialist too after owning one a few years back myself! He never smelt like garlic, but one day he really did and I could barely stand next to him! I asked him if he has eaten garlic and he said he had. OK, next morning I was at the pond and he comes down looking frantic and stressed and I asked him what was wrong. He was thinking the fish were going to die, he told me he had been crying all night worrying about them. I was shocked to say the least! But I knew where this was coming from. The garlic! Any other day he was pleasant, cool, calm, happy, etc. No signs of anxiety at all. It happened 1 other time again, and same thing, he was stressed out and worrying about the pond for no reason, trying to blame others for the state of it, and he had once again eaten garlic! If you observe people as much as I do, you can tell the difference in the levels of reactions and general state of mind.

I was also visiting Greece recently and managed to convert my aunt and mother to go garlic and onion free. Since then neither of them have touched it and I’m getting along better with my mother than ever before. Her guard is down, she’s more understanding, no more raising her voice and getting angry or frustrated, she’s calm and very easy to get along with now. A HUGE difference. She literally used to pickle garlic cloves and eat them daily in the past!

I should mention that there are other foods that aggravate or heat up the blood, but Alliums are the most potent. The detrimental effects do outweigh the benefits. The “benefits” are simply the effects of the poisonous chemicals either killing/poisoning off things in your body/blood or over heating the blood. There are plenty of other beneficial foods that prevent flu’s and colds and cancer such as anything that is high in vitamin C. You don’t need brain cells being killed off!

I myself have not even been close to being sick since I stopped eating garlic and onions at the start of 2015. I see absolutely NO difference in my health at all except for the benefits ONLY.

And that brings this article to an end.

Try the 3 day test, but it isn’t easy. Just about EVERYTHING you buy that is pre-prepared, all types of sauces, salad dressings, canned foods, stock, mustards, cold meats, sausages, most meals at restaurants, all contain some form of garlic or onion for flavour. It’s not easy cooking without those, but it’s very possible to and create tasty food! Just add everything else that you normally would except Alliums or anything that contains alliums! You can barely notice any difference in the flavour and you benefit from avoiding them.

Good luck!