Can Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath Treatments Relieve Constipation?

Most of the adults, men and women, are constantly “plagued” by constipation. They are always on the the look out for simple and effective approaches, methods or ways to help relief them of constipation.

Constipation has been and will always be a very common condition. It can be caused by a large number of factors, such as the lifestyle – diet and exercise plan; working environment – stress; and many other contributing factors from foods and beverages that we consumed in our daily life.

In most cases, poor diet and the lack of physical exercise are singled out as the main causes of constipation. On the other factors – the least contributing factors, come from food such as dairy products, greasy and fried foods, and beverages such as alcohol and caffeine, to name a few, that can lead to constipation problems.

Although much has been said about some of the products named above, that can offer some benefits to our health, for example alcohol and dairy products, they have all been advice to take in a modest quantity and usually to be combined with a structured nutritious plan and some form of exercise.

Without the combination, chronic constipation is a real possibility as improper nutrition and poor lifestyle will contribute to a blockage in the gastrointestinal tract. A blockage, or fecal impaction, is caused when the feces that clings to the walls of the colon and intestines builds up to the point of causing an obstruction.

When this obstruction occurs, the waste will not pass freely beyond the fecal impaction and pressure will begin to build on the abdomen and lower back. If the waste is not evacuated from the body in a timely fashion, the blood stream will begin to reabsorb the bacteria present in the waste and cause chronic poisoning.

This is the term revealed by Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov, a Russian biologist and physiologist. He said that all these waste or toxins will cause long-term poisoning. This alone is the main cause where people used to fall sick and succumb to diseases. Since this “poisoning” will lead to a general weakening of the entire immune system and leave your body susceptible to infection and disease.

If the blockage is not relieved and too much waste gets accumulated, a massive infection will begin to rage in the body and the person will develop septicemia or blood poisoning. Death is a very real possibility once septicemia has begun.

What can we do to relief constipation?

There is a simple and effective way which can help relief constipation and it can be found in ionic Cleanse Foot Bath.

I am going to share a real-life experience from a 82-year old granny.

Prior to using the ionic cleanse foot bath, this granny has constipation and some form of skin condition that has plagued her for many years – we will leave the skin condition at another article that I will post later.

As early as the second treatment when she started the ionic cleanse foot bath treatments, she reported that her bowel movements has been more timely than before and somewhat helped relieved her constipation. She continued her treatments; she is now onto the end of her first course treatment of 15 sessions, and at about the eighth session, she reported that her constipation has been completely relieved. She no longer feels “bloated” and she enjoys regular bowel movements and she said, in her own words, “I feel lighter now!”.

Wow! This is amazing – some degree of relief to constipation after only 2 sessions!

What an effective and simple approach to relief constipation!

So how does granny perform the treatments?

Each treatment is performed by having the granny’s feet submerged into a tub fill with warm water. The temperature of the water is about 38~40 degree Centigrade. The treatment process is activated with an array or ioniser in the water and connected to the ionic cleanse foot bath. Each session last only for 30 minutes, and granny does the treatment once every week.

This is truly an another effective and simple method to relief constipation. Potentially, some relief to constipation can be obtained after 2 weeks if treatments with the ionic cleanse foot bath is performed once per week.

Onwards with healthy living.