Body building is widely practiced by men and women all over the globe. The most common cause for pursuing this sport is achieving a better-defined body and appearance. However, very few stop to take into consideration the risks involved in body building.

What are the Risks of Extreme Sports?

Body building is, in a way, an extreme sport. Those who practice it often overdo the growth of their muscles in order to be the best and win a competition or title.

The consequences of over-working your body can often be serious, if not to your health, then at least to your appearance at a later stage in life. Extreme growth of the muscle will over-stretch the skin, causing stretch marks when you stop exercising eventually, as well as flabby skin.

Gaining weight is yet another factor that may happen once you stop exercising, especially if you have overdone your body building exercise. Once you give up the strict diet that most body builders follow, as well as exercising, the body will gain weight very quickly.

Avoiding Damage to Your Body

The best way to avoid serious damage to your body is by exercising moderately and under the supervision of an instructor. While body building, you must follow a strict protein diet. After you have given up exercising, you must continue doing this, because if you suddenly stop the protein intake and replace it with regular food, the body will not recognize it and will start assimilating it as fat.

Exercise regularly even after you have achieved the desired look and body. If you should stop all exercise at once, the body will yet again start gaining weight, as it will not recognize the sudden lack of energy.