Advantages of Using Breathalyzers For Alcohol Detection

Breathalyzers are portable hand held devices that can be effectively used for onsite alcohol detection for students, employees, and DUI/DWI suspects on highways. Breathalyzers make the testing process easy and quick at schools, colleges, offices, and highways easy and quick. Breathalyzers provide an accurate result and helps to maintain safe and secure environment by preventing alcohol addiction related crime, accidents, and injuries. The breathalyzers measure the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) by indirectly measuring the alcohol content in breath.

Easy and Efficient To Test
Breathalyzers are portable hand held devices that are easy to handle and provide quick results. The design and material of breathalyzers make it strong to use on field and withstand rough field conditions. The breathalyzers consists of three parts: a mouthpiece, two glass vials containing chemical reaction mixture, and photocells to measure color change. The breathalyzers can easily fit into pocket, bag, or purse making it easy to carry anywhere. The portable nature of breathalyzers makes it a suitable device for random alcohol testing at workplaces, industries etc. The subject has to blow into the mouthpiece and results are displayed in few seconds. Keeping a portable breathalyzers at workplaces makes alcohol monitoring easy and causes very less disruptions during work time. It is difficult to tamper breathalyzers results.

Quick and Accurate Results
Breathalyzers provide quick and accurate results in few seconds. The alcohol detection sensor in breathalyzers is sensitive enough to detect presence of alcohol with considerable BAC accuracy. The sensor is build strong enough to provide accurate results for several times. The breathalyzers are passed through various quality assurance tests and strict quality requirements. Although portable breathalyzers provide results with considerable accuracy, more advanced types of breathalyzers like Intoxilyzer and Alcosensor can detect alcohol with greater efficiency. Portable breathalyzers are used for preliminary breath test (PBT) and its results are not court admissible. However, the results given by Intoxilyzer are court admissible while that of Alcosensor are not.

Helpful For Organizations and Police
The law enforcement officers use breathalyzers on highways and roads to check drunken driving that can lead to accidents. Every year large number of accidents occurs on highways and roads due to drunken driving. Drivers who drink and drive put their life as well as others lives at risk. Breathalyzers prove to be an effective tool in checking drunken driving and prevailing of safe driving conditions on highways and roads.

Alcohol abuse leads to low productivity, absenteeism, and accidents at workplaces, industries and offices. A lot of alcohol related crimes, injuries can occur at workplaces. There is higher possibility that persons addicted to alcohol can harm themselves or injure others at workplaces. The breathalyzers can help to maintain a safe and productive environment at workplaces.

Using breathalyzers for alcohol detection is also a non-invasive way of detection. Even alcohol consumers can use personal breathalyzers which are inexpensive to pre-examine themselves for level of alcohol in blood before driving. As Alcohol testing in laboratories takes more time, breathalyzers provide an easy, quick, and reliable way for alcohol testing at homes, colleges, offices, and highways.