5 Things That Should Never End Up in Your Dog’s Food Bowl

Everyone wants their dog to be happy. A great way to keep your dog happy and healthy is to make his dog food at home, with the same quality of food that you would feed to your children or guests. But there are some things that are OK for humans but can cause pain, discomfort, sickness, or death in dogs. Here are the top five things to be on the lookout for:

5. Grapes & Raisins
Grapes and Raisins are very toxic. It causes Acute Renal Failure (kidneys). Also, it causes them to stop eating and develop diarrhea.

4. Yeast
Bread dough (yeast) expands and also ferments, creating alcohol like enzymes which can poison your pet. It can also cause gastric distention, respiratory and vascular compromise, CNS depression and death.

3. Chocolate
White chocolate is the least toxic, dry cocoa powder, the most. Dog and cats renal function is slower than humans. This means it takes longer to dispel the chocolate from the animal in feces form. Therefore, poisoning the animal.

2. Acetaminophen
Never give acetaminophen to a cat or dog. The drug affects oxygen in the blood and it produces severe depression. It also produces abdominal pain in dogs. If not quickly eliminated from the body, just two extra-strength tablets in 24 hours will most likely kill a small pet.

1. Caffeine
If enough is eaten it can be fatal for both dogs and cats. The lethal dose of caffeine for dogs and cats is 150mg/kg body weight, and regular instant coffee contains over 60mg caffeine per teaspoon.